Pool Controller 2.0

🏊 The Homie 3.0 compatible Smart Swimmingpool Controller 🎛️

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Manage your swmming pool on the smart way to enjoy it in confortable and cheap (less than 100€) way.

Main Features

  • Manage water timed circulation for cleaning
  • Manage water heating by additional pump for solar circuit
  • Homie 3.0 compatible MQTT messaging
  • Independent of specific smarthome servers
  • Timesync via NTP (europe.pool.ntp.org)
  • Logging-Information via Homie-Node

Planned Features

  • Configurable NTP Server (currently hardcoded: europe.pool.ntp.org)
  • Be more smart: self learning for improved pool pump timed circulation for cleaning and heating
  • Two separate circulation cycles
  • Store configuration changes persistent on conroller
  • Temperature based cleaning circulation time (colder == shorter, hotter == longer)
  • Improved sketch to work completly without WiFi connection
  • Homie should run without WiFi connection
  • Enhance sketch using display and buttons to setup environment.
  • Use only one power supply for ESP8266 (5V) and relais (230V)
  • see also the issue list

works with MQTT Homie

Breadboard Circuit of Pool Controller