Users Guide of Pool Controller


Booting Controller

Booting the controller, it will give feedback on establishing WiFi connection andconnection to MQTT broker:

  • “LED” Slowly blinking LED Slowly when connecting to the Wi-Fi
  • “LED” Fast blinking LED Faster when connecting to the MQTT broker


There are some specific settings for the controller:

  • Pool max. temperature: The maximum temperature of the water in the pool which should not be exceeded.

    • Unit: °C
    • Default value: 29
  • Solar min temperature: The minimum temerature of the heat storage tank which should not be fall below.

    • Unit: °C
    • Default value: 50
  • Hysteresis: Hysteresis in Kelvin which is used to verify if heating should be enabled or disabled to prevent fast toggeling.

    • Unit: K
    • Default value: 1
  • Pump Timer: time range when pool pump has to run.

    • start h/min
    • end h/min
  • Loop Interval:

    • Unit: sec
    • Default value: 30


The Smart Swimmingpool Controller implements Rules to handle different situations:

Rule: Manual

The pump for cleaning and solar heating are enabled/disabled completely manual and independent.

Rule: Timer

This rule enables the cleaning pump based on timer settings. Solar heating is disabled.

Rule: Auto

This rule enables the cleaning pump based on timer settings. Solar heating is enabled smart if cleaning pump is enabled by timer and the heat storage tank has enough temperature.

If the maximum temperature of the pool water is reached, the solar heating is disabled.

Rule: Boost

Heating of pool water with all power.

MQTT Interface

The Smart Swimmingpool Controller uses MQTT to communicate with your smart home. For the transmission of data the IoT standard Homie 3.0 is used.

Using Homie 3.0 it is possible to integrate Smart Pool Controller directly in open source smarthome server openHAB or Home Assistant.

OpenHAB Integration

The Smart Swimmingpool Controller could be integrated in openHAB since version 2.4.

It is possible to interact with the controller to enable/disable the pump or to swith the current rule.

Also it is possible to monitor the current values of temperatures or states.

At least the settings could be updated, too.

  • TODO: add example of openhab config.